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Arrow and Nordic Walking was established in January 2016 after Kathrin Foster became an accredited Nordic Walking UK Instructor. Together with Nordic Walking UK we don’t just want to teach people to Nordic walk; we want to change people’s lives by breaking down barriers to exercise and deliver results according to personal fitness and weight loss goals.  Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking caters for all ages and level of fitness.

We see Nordic Walking as an enhancement to ordinary walking – something everyone can do… twice as effective! Nordic Walking works your upper and lower body simultaneously.  Use 90% of your body’s muscles, 95% if you are talking to friends in the class!  Nordic Walking burns up to 40% more calories than ordinary walking and tones your whole body, however, it feels even easier than walking!   It is the perfect activity to combine physical and mental health benefits with those of being outside and can be done by anybody, anywhere plus does not require expensive equipment or clothing.

Nordic Walking with us is great fun and we will not only ensure that you reach your health and wellbeing goals but that you have a fantastic time doing it! You will learn all you need to know in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with the award winning Learn To Nordic Walk course.

Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking looks after its walkers and if you join one of our activities, you will have the opportunity to explore your local area, meet people and improve your fitness levels.

Kathrin Foster

After having been introduced to Nordic Walking in 2015 I immediately knew I found the ideal exercise for me and was keen to find a local group.  I saw a new sociable site to becoming fit by being in our beautiful countryside, the opposite to being enclosed by four walls of a stuffy gym.  When unable to find a group to join in, I decided to form my own group and train with Nordic Walking UK by completing their instructor training in 2015. After receiving my accreditation, I started offering Learn Nordic Walking classes in January 2016 and regular walks.  Keen to offer more to South Warwickshire and Worcestershire residents from all ages and fitness backgrounds I completed the Advanced Exercise Anywhere Diploma in Fitness, Wellbeing & Nordic Walking in May 2016 which enables me to deliver the award winning Nordic Walking UK FREEDOM 4 gear programme. As a mum of three I really understand the many barriers of becoming more active whilst balancing work and family commitments.  I love to share my passion for Nordic Walking and helping people to achieve their goals. Nothing makes me happier than to see someone learn about Nordic Walking, appreciate it and be able to achieve their personal weight loss or fitness goals


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