Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking Newsletter August 2018

Welcome to August – July was a fabulous month for us!


Here is me promoting Nordic Walking at BBC Countryfile Live, Blenheim Palace.

Our Nordic Walkers Caroline, Evelyn and Lynn have been doing brilliantly training for longer and hillier distances! Last Thursday the 20 miles

barrier was broken through, well done!

I have had various requests to bring back more gentle sessions for beginners and returners. Therefore, I will be starting a new class “Starting from Scratch” in September, please see details below.

Others have asked me for some shorter yet energising sessions, again they will start in September. Both those classes will also include mindfulness training, which lots of you have been asking me about.

Below are information about forthcoming special walks, tasters, Learn To Nordic Walk courses, becoming a Walk Leader and healthy eating, those new classes and the progress of those who have been training for the marathon or similarly long distances.

Forthcoming special walks:

Carolyn’s Marathon Training Malvern 16miles: 16th August – open to all

Carolyn’s Marathon Training Malvern 20 miles: 23rd August – open to all

Carolyn’s Marathon Training Malvern 16 miles: 1st September – open to all–Carolyn’s-Marathon-Training-(16-Miler)

Aston Cantlow to Wootton Wawen 7 miler with half-way stop: Friday, 21st September:–Wootton-Wawen


Baddesley Clinton, Gunpowder Plot Walk: Monday, 5th November:

These are popular walks so please check your diaries and book early to avoid disappointment, we also need to pre-book pubs etc.





10 miles Hill Training with Caroline, Lynn and Evelyn

You can read the blog about our sessions here


Free Tasters

Saturday, 8th September, Barton near Bidford on Avon:

Monday, 17th September Evesham

Wednesday, 19th September Alcester
Wednesday, 19th Sep 2pm

Thursday, 20th September Stratford upon Avon:

Learn To Nordic Walk

Monday, 24th September Evesham:–Learn-To-Nordic-Walk

Wednesday, 26th September Alcester:–Learn-To-Nordic-Walk

Thursday, 27th September Stratford upon Avon:

Our award-winning technique course can be taught over 2, 3 or 4 sessions, please check the link for details of each course. On request I also offer Learn To Nordic Walk in 1 Day (3hours), please contact me to arrange a date.
















Caroline and Lynn break the 20 mile barrier!

You can read the blog about our sessions here


Regular Adventure Walks

Mondays 9:45am
Wednesdays 10am & 7pm
Fridays 9:45am
Saturdays (second of the month) 9:30am

Welcome Walks

Suitable for all and especially for new or returner walkers. I am able to give you advice on your technique and a you can meet new and experienced members of our group!

Evening Walks

Wednesdays, starting at 7pm – Come and join us after a long day at work or stuck in the house, you’ll love it.


Starting from Scratch:
This hour activity is ideal for those who want to start to be more active and to change their lifestyle, it is ideal if you need to develop a basic fitness level. There is a mindful session included.

FIRST SESSION: Thursday, 20th September in Stratford upon Avon:


Energise your body and mind! This activity is a good way to come away from the daily grind. It is a brisk walk and will challenge you appropriatley.  At the end of the session you will feel more energised and ready to take on anything. There is a mindfulness activity included.
You need to be a Freedom Passport holder.
FIRST SESSION. Thursday, 20th September in Stratford upon Avon



Caroline about being a Walk Leader?

“I first started Nordic Walking because I was looking for more than just exercise to increase my fitness, and also to give me a new interest. It took very little time before I was hooked!
Kathrin, my instructor, asked if I would be interested in training to become a walk leader. At first I was unsure, never having lead or taught groups before. However I decided to go ahead with the training, as I knew would be a good experience in itself!
After qualifying, I joined several of Kathrin’s walks, in which she encouraged me to take the role of walk leader, without the responsibility, as she was there to guide me. This gave me the confidence I needed, for doing my first walks, with people who I already knew.
I started by taking walks in which I had previously participated, with Kathrin, and have now explored and assessed some walks of my own.
The whole experience has given me a great boost, knowing that I can help and encourage people to get the most out of their walking, often achieving far more than they ever anticipated they could.”

If you would like to find out more about becoming a walk leader why not speak to Kathrin or Caroline?

HELP NEEDED for International Older People Day

I have been asked to be involved in the Engage Festival in Alcester and Stratford upon Avon.
Both  events are run to introduce over 50s to local clubs and activities
Engage Festival on 29th September Stratford upon Avon 10am – 4pm
International Older People Day on 1st October 11am – 2pm Alcester

It would be great to have your support for both days. I am not asking you to be there for the whole event but if you could spare an hour or two that would be greatly appreciate. Please let me know if you are available. It was fabulous to have Evelyn, Sue and Simon at the Alcester Street Market with me.

Challenges for 2019:

I have signed up for one challenge so far.  Big Bear Challenge, Thursday, 8th February at Ryton Pools Park in Coventry. A six hour event. I have already booked a place alongside 17 other participants. If you are interested follow the link:

The Longest Day Challenge we took part in was fabulous and it’s organsided by the same company. We were made very welcome and had a super day!


Glow – Healthy Eating Plans

Nordic Walking has teamed up with Glow. The healthy eating plans are now available at The easiest and tastiest way to lose weight – without going on a diet!

Complete delicious meal plans for the whole family, delivered daily – inspiration, recipes and shopping lists. Feedback from some members has been very good. “The recipes are easy to make”, “I really like the quick and easy lunches”, “The variety is great and it’s all so simple to make”.

If you are fed up deciding what to cook – this is for you! – join us soon and have fun improving your fitness