Fladbury pensioner completes Nordic Walking Marathon

Caroline Curtis (67), from Fladbury (between Evesham and Pershore), has successfully proved both her endurance  and Nordic Walking skills by walking the 27 miles of a marathon challenge. The well attended event on the Jurassic Coast was held on 15th September 2018, as part of the  Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival. “What an achievement!” said Kathrin Foster, Caroline’s Nordic Walking Instructor. “She also won a ‘Nordic Walking UK’ award for ‘Inspirational Nordic Walker’,  having taken up Nordic Walking only two years ago”.
After seeing Nordic Walking on BBC Breakfast, Caroline attended a taster session with Instructor Ian Northcott, of Mercian Nordic walking, in the autumn of 2016. She was inspired to take Nordic Walking further and as Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking is closer, she completed her ‘Learn to Nordic walk’ course with Instructor Kathrin Foster there.  She then walked regularly both with Mercian and Arrow and Arden instructors and trained to be a Walk Leader with Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking herself at the end of last year.  She also decided, together with   Nordic Walking friends to train for the Marathon.
“Caroline has worked incredibly hard over the last few months to get ready for the Purbeck Marathon” said Kathrin “and was determined to complete this challenging undulating course in a good time.  She has taken her training very seriously and carried on despite some difficulties on the way. During that time she has also inspired others to become more active and adopt the healthy lifestyle that Nordic Walking provides.  I can truly say that Caroline has embraced Nordic Walking fully and it has changed her life. She is now fitter, has lost weight, is more toned and enjoys the social side of Nordic Walking.”
To find out more about Nordic Walking please contact Kathrin Foster, Instructor at Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking on 07875609324 or via www.arrowandarden.co.uk