How to make your Nordic Walking boots last longer?

The last view weeks or even months we’ve had truly wintery weather and even in Mid-March we have had snow in South Warwickshire and Worcestershire. As a consequence, most walks around the countryside and even in the parks are very muddy


A burning question for many at Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking in the muddy South Warwickshire and Worcestershire countryside and parks of Stratford upon Avon, Evesham, Alcester and surrounding area now: How do I make my boots last?  Literally, all the Adventure Walks and even Learn To Nordic Walk classes end in my walking boots being covered in mud!  Being on my second pair in less than 12 months is not the cheapest option.

The key to making your walking shoes last is to look after them, quite simple.

When I am Nordic Walking on a very dirty trail, given the opportunity, I will walk through a puddle to wash all the sticky mud off as soon as possible.  Sometimes that’s enough and I just leave my walking boots to dry to finally brush all the dust off.  Leaving the mud on your shoes doesn’t just make them look mucky but it damages the shoe and would certainly make them a smelly affair.  So, a regular clean is highly recommendable!

For a more thorough clean you should take out the laces and possibly the insoles to rinse your hiking boots under warm water with a soft Nylon brush.  They need a good scrubbing especially around the stitching and tongue where mud sometime gets stuck.  That’s the horrible bit done!

For best results, you should leave your Nordic Walking boots to dry naturally and not near or even on a radiator as direct heat can damage the leather.  You could speed up the drying process by stuffing old newspaper inside your hiking shoes.  A hair dryer could be used if you are in a rush but it would be rather stinky to dry your shoes that way. As I go Nordic Walking most days I have two pairs of walking shoes, this way they have plenty of time to dry naturally.

To ensure your Nordic walking boots retain their ability to keep water outside rather than letting it inside your shoe, it is very important that you reproof those regularly.  There are various products available, sprays, gels, creams or other products are easily available to recondition your footwear and reviving their waterproof properties. I have tried spray and cream. I found the spray worked best for me.

In short, if you want your walking journey to be comfortable and in long-lasting boots all you need to do is take care of them and they will take care of your feet!

Happy Nordic Walking! Spring is on it’s way now and the mud will soon go. We have lots of new trails coming up in South Warwickshire and Worcestershire, some hilly once, too! So join us soon for improved health and fitness… We run regular free taster sessions for you to try. Check out to find one that suits you or call Kathrin on 07875 609324.