June Newsletter

June is Half-Way through the year month! How is your year going? Are your New Year’s Resolution still on track (if you had any) or is it time to set some new goals for the second half of 2019?
Can I help you achieve your health and fitness goals or can I help you set some goals?

I recently did a clean eating program that changed my life and outlook on what I feed my family so much that I want to share it with others! Halfway through I started feeling much more awake and I have lost quite a few inches, too. I am particular interested in the nutrition programme, but I have also started using some of the skin care products. Everything is vegan certified, gluten and dairy free and the products are from pure and safe ingredients. If you would like to find out more you can join my Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/441046309979897/) or just ask me and I’ll tell you more! I will be doing the 30 days programme again starting on June 10th if anyone would like to join me?

We have loads of new activities going on in over the next few months: Long-Distance Training (up to 20 miles!) in June, 6 weeks to Healthy Living in September, lots new walks etc. etc. so do visit the website: www.arrowandarden.co.uk/activities

Win a pair of Fizan Nordic Walking Poles
May is National Walking month! Therefore I have set myself the goal to get more people walking! I need your help to help others!
Share the magic of Nordic Walking with your family and friends! Get Nordic Walking more yourself! 🙏🏻
Between now and the end of December I will enter everyone into a raffle for referring a friend that books a Learn To Nordic Walk and/or attending a Nordic Walk with Arrow and Arden Nordic !Walking. Each referral and/or each walk equals one entry! First prize are a pair of Fizan poles. There will be two runner up prizes to be decided. 🏆🥇🥈🥉
🌟 Let’s see if we can get more Nordic Walking!

Six Weeks to Healthy Living Programme, Alcester South Warwickshire 
Sept 2019: After the success of our last two courses where people lost inches and pounds, increased their body strength and flexibility, it was requested to run this course again, this time in the great outdoors. I have also revised the sessions a little to make more room for nutrtition besides the fitness element. Early bird booking price of £50:

Nordic Wellbeing & Fit for Life – every Tuesday at 1:30pm in Alcester South Warwickshire 
A great way to get your fitness back after surgery, rehabilitation or simply to join a very easy session

Regular Adventure Walks
Mondays 9:45am/10am
Wednesday 6:30pm
Thursdays 12pm
Fridays 9:45am/10am


22nd June Dorsington Wood Adventure Walk and Picnic lunch to celebrate the Summer Solstice: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/79401-Dorsington-Wood-Adventure-&-Picnic-lunch

Forthcoming special or longer walks:

7th June Aston Cantlow to Woottown Wawen with coffee stop & maybe lunch: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/107126-Aston-Cantlow-To–Wootton-Wawen
13th June Carolyn’s Magic of the Malvern: British Camp to Ragged Stone: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/115375-Carolyns—Magic-of-the-Malverns-–-British-Camp-to-Ragged-Stone

22nd June Dorsington Wood Adventure Walk and Picnic lunch: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/79401-Dorsington-Wood-Adventure-&-Picnic-lunch
These are popular walks so please check your diaries and book early to avoid disappointment, we also need to pre-book pubs at times etc.

Long Distance (marathon) Training Course starting 13th June nearly full!

Taster Sessions
Monday, 10th June Alcester: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/117828-Free-Nordic-Walking-Taster-Alcester
SATURDAY, 8th June Barton https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/107634-HEART-OF-ENGLAND-FOREST-Nordic-Walking-Taster

Learn To Nordic Walk
Monday, 17th June Alcester: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/121147-Learn-To-Nordic-Walk-in-Alcester

Friday, 28th June Stratford: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/121232-Learn-To-Nordic-Walk-in-Stratford

Saturday, 29th June Barton near Bidford: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/121032-Fast-Track-Learn-To-Nordic-Walk-SATURDAY

Our award-winning technique course can be taught over 2, 3 or 4 sessions, please check the link for details of each course.

Challenges for 2019 – It’s great to see so many joining in this year
Would anybody like to join me on the Longest Day Challenge in June? I have finally confirmed my place! Last year was a fabulous day for those that took part. The event is appr. half full now. You can find details here: https://www.bigbearevents.net/race-course-map/longest-day-challenge-longest-day-challenge-21-06-2019-08-00

Purbeck 16 miler and Marathon, Saturday, 14th September.

Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival 13-15th September: suitable for all levels
There are 7 of us going to the festival now, join us it will be fun!

Monthly DD membership saves you money:
It is a great way to keep your motivation up and organise yourself in advance. It is also a great way of making savings as well as having additional benefits. It’s also easier to manage your bookings as you don’t have to keep topping up your account. It also entitles you to walk with another NWUK Instructor like me (all over the country) for free once a month.  Theoretically, you could drive around visiting different instructors and walk all included. If walking more than once with the same instructor you get a loyalty discount (but all instructors set their own discount rates). Locally we have Ian (Mercian Nordic Walking) Alison (Heart of England Nordic Walking) and Emma (South Warwickshire Nordic Walking) and further away we have loads including Nicky in the lakes, Caroline Nordic Walking Saddleworth , Sam in Derbyshire, Laura Chesterfield Nordic Walking, Derbyshire,UK , Bev Shropshire Hills Nordic WalkingDorset Nordic Walking , Carol & Graham East Yorkshire Nordic Walking , Helen Nordic Walking UK – Bath and many, many more. (Too many to mention here). A great way to make use of your membership with other Nordic walkers on those sought-after day trips and get more from your membership.

Monthly Direct Debit Membership Benefits in summary
* Learn To Nordic Walk included
* All activities up to 2 hours included
* Activities over 2 hours, special walks, days out and courses are available at 50% of the usual price
* One free walk per month with other Nordic Walking UK Instructor
Membership available at £29.99.  Minimum contract 3 months after that 30 days notice period.
To opt for membership you will need to login to your control panel and click Upgrade Account.

Regional Newsletter from Arrow and Arden, Mercian and Heart of England Nordic Walking:
The first couple of regional newsletters have gone out and be received with great enthusiasm. Each group features 5 upcoming walks and you also find out about special events and holidays in you your area.
If you are a monthly direct debit member you can take advantage of one free walk per month with a different instructor (few exceptions apply).
If you have not signed up yet you can add yourself to the list here: https://forms.aweber.com/form/28/671657828.htm Don’t miss out on the May Newsletter!

Clients are free to cancel using the booking system up to 24 hours before a walk commences (with the exception of special events and day trips where you must contact KATHRIN FOSTER or the Walk leader prior to cancelling – See below).
Cancelling within 24 hours must be done after communicating with the walk leader and a refund will be discretionary.
Any refund given will be at the discretion of Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking and will be dependent on the clients cancelling to make contact with either Kathrin Foster or the walk leader taking the walk before cancelling.
If you decide to cancel on the morning of a walk you MUST contact the instructor/walk leader and NOT self refund or book off the walk.
Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking has a late cancellation policy where full price will be paid for any walk or activity cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the walk unless contact has been made as described above.
Walks cancelled within 2 hours of the start of the walk will not be refunded.

I have created a WhatsApp group to enable you to ask for lifts and offer them to people that do not drive. I think that is a very good idea and also reduces our carbon footprint. If you would like to join the group please click this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HwFGgS6R3F7KoHSb1tnaj0
Quite a few have joined the group and emailed me the message below, it’s not been used much yet so give it a go.
Please be aware that everyone in the group will be able to see your phone number and safe it onto their mobile phone. If you do not want to share your phone number please do not join the group. The group is only for communication regarding Nordic Walking locations, please don’t communicate anything else within the group as we need to be fully GDPR compliant with this.  To join the group I also need you to email me the text below, just copy, past and add your name appropriately.  Thank you! I hope it will enable more people to join the group walks once they completed their Learn To Nordic Walk course. Unless you email me the text below I will have to remove you from the WhatsApp group.

I, (Client name) want to be part of the Arrow and Nordic Walking What’s App group.
I understand that other group members can see my telephone number and understand that Arrow and Arden  Ltd has no control over what other members do with it.
I further understand that although set up by Kathrin Foster this group is for people to discuss matters of Nordic walking and is not controlled by Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking Ltd.
I understand that Arrow and Arden Ltd only processes my data to facilitate my enjoyment of Nordic walking and my safety and does not share my data beyond that purpose.

Signature, Date

With this I have also updated Arrow and Arden’s Data Protection policy which you can request if you would like to read the full document.

I’m looking forward to see you soon!

Yours, Kathrin