Nordic Wellbeing & Fit for Life class coming to Alcester

Improving health is now one of the reasons given why people take up exercise! As walking is one of the preferred types of exercise to start with, Nordic Wellbeing is the ideal way to improve cardiovascular health with the added benefits of maintaining muscle strength, keeping bones healthy and preventing injury.

Kathrin Foster, class instructor says “Nordic Wellbeing will take you on a fun journey to improved health. You will learn how to be fit and strong enough to enjoy taking on new activities and challenges with confidence! It’s ideal for for people that want

  • to start exercising again after
  • feel not fit enough to join our regular walks or
  • have a medical condition that prevents them from certain exercise.

Kathrin adds: “I ran this course in Stratford upon Avon last year and participants are now more confident and fitter to join our regular Nordic Walks.”

Cardiovascular fitness – being able to carry out everyday tasks with reduced demand on your cardiovascular system (getting up stairs or hills without getting out of breath)

Muscular Strength – improved muscle strength and function to be able to take on tasks without injury and strain (gardening, playing with grandkids, carrying shopping)

Posture – improved muscle balance and posture to reduce strain on joints (walking better, standing longer)

Balance / Reaction – improving those to reduce likelihood of a fall

Flexibility – increased flexibility and improved joint range of motion

Relaxation – improved mood and increased abilitiy to deal with stress (reduce stress chemicals, encourage restful sleep, warding of depression)

For more information about this class starting in March on the Jubilee Fields

Kathrin 07875 609324