Nordic Wellbeing Group launched in Stratford upon Avon during National Walking Month

Improving health is now one of the reasons given why people take up exercise! Many find it hard to find a suitable form of exercise to start with. That’s where Nordic Walking comes into play, in particular the new Nordic Wellbeing Group that is being launched in South Warwickshire during May, which is National Walking Month.

Nordic Wellbeing is the ideal way to improve cardiovascular health with the added benefits of maintaining muscle strength, keeping bones healthy and preventing injury” says Kathrin Foster, Nordic Walking UK Instructor in South Warwickshire and the Vale of Evesham.  In addition to Learn To Nordic Walk courses and regular Adventure & Workout Walks, Kathrin will be launching her new Nordic Wellbeing Group in Stratford upon Avon offering a programme designed to improve overall health.   Nordic Wellbeing will take people on a fun journey to improved health but is a gentler introduction to the concept of Nordic Walking.  Participants will learn how to be fit and strong enough to enjoy taking on new activities and challenges with confidence! Group and outdoor exercise has also a very positive impact on mental health.

Nordic walking poles also reduce the pressure on the knees and joints and the gentle upper body movement is great for easing back and neck pain too. It’s so effective that it is being used for weight loss, rehabilitation and sports specific training all over the UK and those that have tried all agree that being outdoors was energising and that they felt fantastic afterwards!  Stratford Recreation Ground is the ideal location with lots of space, plenty of benches if needed and access to facilities.

To find out more visit Kathrin’s page on or call her on 07875 609324



  • It can burn nearly twice as many calories as ordinary walking
  • It reduces the strain on knees and joints
  • Great for neck, shoulder and back problems
  • It uses over 90% of the major muscles
  • Its suitable for all levels
  • Can be done anywhere – urban or rural
  • Its great for back, neck and shoulder problems
  • It’s a great alternative to running
  • Outdoor exercise is proven to have a positive effect on the state of mind