Spring has sprung – time to get a spring in your step PLUS Mother’s Day

Don’t these wonderfully mild temperatures want to make you step outside, breathe in that warm air and feel the sunshine in your face? That fantastically warm feeling inside me that lets me know that I’m alive gets so very intense this time of year. Although, having been out Nordic Walking in and around Stratford upon Avon and Warwickshire throughout the winter, it feels a little bit like coming out of hibernation. Only yesterday, when taking a group of keen Nordic Walkers on an almost 3-hour Adventure Walk near Coughton Court, all of us noticed the indisputable signs of spring. Nature has woken up: we saw plenty of snow drops and the first yellow blooming daffodils, busy birds building their nests and attracting the opposite sex with their beautiful song. It really does give you a spring in your step and those steps feel even lighter with our Nordic Walking poles propelling us along.

It certainly is my favourite season even though my birthday is in winter! With Mother’s Day only a few weeks away I wonder what gift my children will come up with this year, now they are a year older perhaps they will even cook a dinner for me or make me breakfast in bed without Dad’s help! It’s great to see how they are putting their heads together wanting to do something special for Mum. What is your special gift going to be this year? Have you thought about giving the gift of health and laughter through Nordic Walking in Stratford upon Avon and the local surroundings? Nordic Walking does not only improve your health and fitness, “walking lifts your mood even when you don’t expect it”. It’s the perfect time to get ready for summer, physically and mentally. Putting one foot in front of the other in the great outdoors even for just a few minutes makes everyone feel so much better. With Nordic Walking poles, it makes it more fun and so much easier! Joining your local Nordic Walking group gives your body and soul many benefits. Isn’t it great to exercise without noticing it and meeting new people that enjoy the same activity as you – spending time outdoors exploring the local area?

Our Learn To Nordic Walk courses are suitable for most fitness levels and take you on a fun journey to improving your fitness through learning the correct technique of Nordic Walking.

Once graduated from this course participants will be able to join all Nordic Walking activities with any Nordic Walking UK qualified instructor across the country through the FREEDOM passport (issued after completion of the LTNW course).


There is also the option of joining the Nordic Wellbeing and Fit for Life Course. This is for people that want to start exercising again after rehabilitation, feel very unfit but don’t want to join the gym or perhaps have a medical condition that prevents them from certain exercise. “Nordic Wellbeing and Fit for Life” is a gentle introduction to exercise and the start of a journey to improving overall health.   Please contact Kathrin first to see which course is the most appropriate for your mum before making your choice of gift. Of course, these
classes are not exclusively for women but with Mother’s Day approaching fast, this special gift could make a real difference to your Mum’s quality of life in later years.


I’m certainly looking forward to my special day even though I just found out that it has been cut short by a whole hour this year as it’s the date the clocks are changing to British summer time! Doesn’t seem quite fair but I will certainly enjoy seeing my three gems making a special effort just for me!