Ten unexpected benefits of Nordic Walking

Whether it is a family walk, a romantic stroll with your partner, or a challenging walk on your own, make the most of it! Nordic Walking is an easy way to tone up, lose weight and improve your overall fitness. “Why should I choose Nordic Walking rather than just go for a simple walk?” Because everything you can achieve through ordinary walking you will be able to gain twice as quickly and effective with Nordic Walking! The correct Nordic Walking technique will give your walk a little bounce, ensuring you are engaging 90% of your skeletal muscles which means you will burn up to 46% calories more compared to regular walking. Isn’t that great news? Regardless of age or fitness level, studies show other maybe more surprising benefits:

1. Reduce stress

2. Mood Boosting- Nordic Walking releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness

3. Improve self-confidence

4. Prevent cognitive decline – Nordic Walking suppors`t the brain against cognitive decline that begins after age 45

5. Lessen anxiety – The chemicals released during and after Nordic Walking can enable people with anxiety disorders to relax more easily

6. Boost brainpower – Studies have shown that a cardiovascular activity such as Nordic Walking can create new brain cells for better overall brain performance

7. Sharpen memory – It boosts memory and ability to learn new things

8. Increase relaxation – A Nordic Walking session can benefit people with sleep issues

9. Get more done – Research shows that workers who take time for exercise on a regular basis are more productive and have more energy

10. Tap into creativity – An invigorating Nordic Walk can boost creativity for up to two hours afterwards

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