Since I joined Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking Group it has completely changed my outlook on life. As a senior walker, I have found the experience uplifting and inspirational. My health has improved and my contact with other walkers has been of great benefit to my social sphere. I have met folk from all walks of life and there has not been a day when I have failed to engage in easy conversation with everybody in the group. We are of various ages and all lend support to each other! There are speeds and rhythms for all abilities and we look after each other. Kathrin produces interesting and varied walks through the countryside most of which avoid public highways and the terrain is easy enough, even for me. Please consider joining her group. You will be surprised how easy it is to get fitter and find welcome banter among like-minded people.

— Rhys W

Nordic Walking has become a very important part of my exercise regime. I love the fact that the walks are a total workout – I certainly know I’ve exercised at the end – and we walk in some lovely parts of the countryside. Having recently moved to the area, it was wonderful to find new places to walk. The other walkers are friendly so exercising becomes a social experience as well. Consequently, the benefits are both physical and mental. Kathrin is an excellent instructor who manages to keep us all motivated. I am now much more aware of my posture whilst walking and use the techniques whilst on dog walks and on our village rambles. The miles seem a lot shorter and I don’t get so puffed out walking uphill. As an “older person”, I can certainly recommend this as a safe and fun way to get and keep fit.

— Evelyn W

I started Nordic walking with Kathrin last September and can honestly say it is certainly one of my best decisions. It is an excellent form of exercise which is fun and sustainable. All the walks we go on are suitable for all abilities and varied. Some are more challenging than others but you can always walk with people of a similar level of fitness or push yourself to a higher gear. Kathrin is a fun, enthusiastic, patient, calm and committed instructor. All the other walkers I have encountered are really lovely friendly people. Everyone is made to feel welcome and included. Each walk that I have taken part in, even under adverse winter conditions such as frost, mud or rain, has been a pleasure even if some times a personal challenge. I thoroughly enjoy Nordic walking and can recommend it as a sustainable exercise regime.

— Julie T

I am so pleased I went along to one of Kathrin Foster's Nordic Walking taster sessions one Saturday morning in September as it spurred me into action to take up this extremely enjoyable and beneficial sport. I was hooked, and booked my 4-week course as soon as I got home. Kathrin is an excellent tutor - she is calm and encouraging, and communicates well explaining technique using imaginative examples - resulting in swift learning! Kathrin makes you feel at ease with her friendly disposition and is very generous with her time and knowledge. I am currently taking part in an NWUK research project and walking regularly under my own steam as well as participating in Kathrin's group walks. Also, I am enjoying training my dog to walk calmly alongside me with my poles - it's good to have canine company! 😉👣🐶🐾

— Lis C

I wanted to find an exercise that would get me outside and fit, however having a few problems with my feet meant that the exercise choice needed careful consideration. My friend suggested Nordic Walking.  Investigation led me to Kathrin and her Learn to Nordic Walk course.  Kathrin's tuition is clear and concise, (Kathrin has a teaching background) and she caters to each participant's needs with kindness and consideration. When joining a class or walk Kathrin is a good host too, introducing everyone and checking in with us all en-route ensuring we are ok or just to have a little chat. The whole experience is a very enjoyable, great way to exercise and meet people. After a month of weekly walks I have noticed that my fitness has improved, I have more stamina and of course being outside is great for general wellbeing. I highly recommend Nordic walking with Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking.

— Sue D