Top 5 Tips on how to keep fit during the Christmas period

December and Christmas time are probably the most difficult time of the year to stay fit and in good shape.  Healthy eating and working out over Christmas doesn’t sound particularly appealing to anyone, I agree. There are however some very simple things that you can do to not overdo it with booze, food and laziness:

  • What to eat to stay healthy
    If you think about Christmas Dinner it’s actually not all that unhealthy what we put on our plates! Fill up on the veg. Brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips – they’re all part of the Christmas diet and have pigs in blankets, potatoes in moderation. Do we really need seven sausages wrapped in bacon on our plate? Enjoy the less healthy part of the meal, by all means but be moderate and don’t go back for seconds.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation
    Alcohol and other festive drinks seem to be everywhere and involved in everything we do this time of year, which is both a godsend and a curse. These calories usually don’t seem to be taken into thought as much as our food consumption but they can be the part that creeps up on us the most. Swallowing seven pints on a night out can add up to a whole day’s recommended calorie intake – which is lots when you start to think about it. Spirits can be a good option as they usually don’t contain as many calories as wine or beer. However, be careful when it comes to choosing the mixer as this is what can also notch up the calorie intake. Diet coke or tonic are healthier options.
  • Drink plenty of water
    It is an obvious one, but easy to forget. Drinking a glass of water regularly will help you stay fit this Christmas and flushing out the toxins of excess as well as curing any unwanted hunger feelings. As well as keeping you hydrated and healthy, the water is sure to help you treat that hungover you might have gained whilst having fun with friends and family.
  • How to burn of those extra calories
    This can be the real drag at Christmas. If you are a member of a gym or fitness club you won’t want to go every day, I am certain. Going for short walks can be really energising after a lot of excess eating and drinking, the fresh air will also be a blessing for you head. Have you thought of Nordic Walking? Using two walking poles whilst out and about will nearly double your calorie use, you are turning your walk into a workout! Using the Nordic Walking technique you will engage 90% of your body’s muscles! Find your local Nordic Walking group at
  • Work those Muscles
    Strength and muscle workouts sound really boring but will keep us on the right track this season! Loosing any muscle mass will offset all the hard work we’ve done throughout year. Once we’ve had a Nordic walk focusing on cardio, we only need 10 min of strength training, if you do the right kind! That’s where Iso-Fitness comes in.  Training according to the 70 Second Difference Protocol by The World Isometric Exercise Association. focusing on arm, back, leg muscles and abs less than 10 min will keep you very healthy and fit.  Think about what time of the day you do the exercises as well as. Morning workouts won’t have you feeling like you’re missing out on the day’s festive fun, plus it will help flush out the alcohol you drank the night before.

Haven’t tried Nordic Walking or want to be trained in using isometric exercsises? Look out for free taster sessions, Learn To Nordic Walk or our Healthy Kick Start 2019! Visit for more details or call Kathrin on 07875609324.