Woman from Cleeve Prior completes Nordic Walking Marathon for her 70th birthday – Read Evelyn’s story

Evelyn W. from Cleeve Prior near Bidford on Avon is celebrating a special birthday this year, 70 years! For this reason she has set herself the challenge to compete at the Purbeck Nordic Walking Marathon this September. Nearly two weeks ago, Evelyn completed the beautiful yet gruelling 27 miles of Nordic Walking on the Jurassic Coast during the Purbeck Nordic Walking Festival; only after 2 years of Nordic Walking.  Evelyn finished in only 9 :16 hours – what an achievement!

Evelyn says: “Nordic Walking has become a very important part of my exercise regime. I love the fact that the walks are a total workout – I certainly know I’ve exercised at the end – and we walk in some lovely parts of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the Cotswolds. Having recently moved to the area, it was wonderful to find new places to walk. The other walkers are friendly so exercising becomes a social experience as well. Consequently, the benefits are both physical and mental. The housework and other chores are still there after I’ve had my special Me-Time with the Nordic Walking group and I feel much more energised! As an “older person”, I can certainly recommend this as a safe and fun way to get and keep fit.”

Evelyn joined a free taster session in June 2016 and completed her Learn to Nordic Walk course in Alcester, South Warwickshire. She has been walking regularly but more frequently to get ready for the marathon. Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking provided special training sessions for those that competed at the challenge events at the Nordic Walking Festival in Dorset.


Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking offers free sessions to experience the benefits of Nordic Walking. Contact Kathrin Foster, instructor at Arrow and Arden Nordic Walking on 07875 609324 or www.arrowandarden.co.uk

Background information:

Nordic Walking is an enhancement to ordinary walking that is suitable for all levels and fitness. By adding in Nordic Walking poles a complete body workout can be achieved but it feels easier than walking without poles. Nordic Walking is a specific fitness technique and is not to be confused with trekking, hill walking or trail running as the poles are not planted in front of the walker/runner but in a manner that increases the use of the upper body.  We achieve exercising 90% of our muscles whilst burning up to 46% more calories compared to ordinary walking.